Titantic: My mixed feelings

Well, My sister and my two friends (you know who you are ;-))  watched Titanic this Saturday. IT WAS SOO SAD!!! If you’ve never seen it  here is a quick summary, all the people board the Titanic including Rose, Jack, Cal (Rose’s fiance), Rose’s mother a french friend of Jacks and like 1200 other people. Jack and Rose meet fall in love, You learn that cal is really mean and Rose is being forced into marrying him and then the ship hits the iceberg and starts to sink… I wont say who lives and who dies… lets just say it is super sad. I cried through the whole last part. not just sniffles either, I was full out shake the whole couch crying, I think we all cried at one point. (really)Long story short the ship sinks and you should watch the movie. 🙂


About theshort1

I'm a 13 year-old, vegetarian, peace-loving, baby cuddling, animal-loving, recycling fanatic, wannabe cupcake baker, random, Mexico loving, sport-playing, bubbly, Galeic-Garlic, privately-schooled, trumpet playing female.
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3 Responses to Titantic: My mixed feelings

  1. Jen says:

    I TOTALLY agree that this is a fantastic movie, great music, great performances, horrible ending for those of us (we know who we are) who love a happy ending. Nice review…nice blog. Good work! 🙂

  2. I love the movie Titantic! I cried too!! Super sad!!

  3. Margie G. says:

    I was at culmination and did not check out the blogging as I left as soon as the presentations were complete. (I’m the CPR teacher…)

    Nice job!

    And YES, “Titanic” the movie was very well done and incredibly moving. Not a dry eye in the movie theater when my husband and I first saw it. We have it on video now.

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