summary of my first semester in co-op:-)

Well, here goes nothing! I am taking three classes in co-op this year, two art classes and a blogging class. We have a lot of fun in art and do some pretty neat stuff. This year in portrait art we outlined and shaded this really ugly baby.  Mine turned out not that great. 🙂 In oil pastels we did three pictures:  train tracks, a fence, and a pear. The train tracks and fence we did with tape and the pear was push and twist (ugh :-)). And in blogging… well, I started a blog…:-) I also learned some helpful stuff about writing! 🙂 Overall…this co-op semester has been a success!


About theshort1

I'm a 13 year-old, vegetarian, peace-loving, baby cuddling, animal-loving, recycling fanatic, wannabe cupcake baker, random, Mexico loving, sport-playing, bubbly, Galeic-Garlic, privately-schooled, trumpet playing female.
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2 Responses to summary of my first semester in co-op:-)

  1. TeacherMom says:

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your classes. Pilar is a fun art teacher, isn’t she? I wish I could have had a teacher like her when I was in school…

  2. Baby isnt that ugly! lol…. and the blogging classes were lots of fun!!! see ya tomorrow!

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