Sad Day, Happy Memories

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This is a hard post to write. Just recently my family lost someone very speical, a close family friend, my mom’s godmother, and my second grandmother passed away on Sunday. This post is a few of the things that my mom remembers and loved about Suzanne Donovan. From here on she will be known as Granny Sue.

Granny Sue was the first “silly adult” my mom knew. Because of Sue’s  outgoing and fun personality, Mom was able to become a more confident child.

Granny Sue and her husband, Ralph, were the first people to “hire” my mom to do something. My mom would go over to their house and pull weeds or help Ralph carry things while he was painting. They treated her like a person, not a child.

One year for my mom’s birthday when she was little, Granny Sue came completely costumed as Big Bird. Ralph came as Kermit. 🙂

My mom says she remembers Granny Sue and Ralph used to take her to Dreamland Lake to feed the ducks.

For Christmas, Granny Sue wouldn’t wrap presents.  She would sew my mom and her brother and sister little bags and she would put the gifts in them and tie them up with a piece of “fat yarn.” Mom said that the bags were extra speical, it was like getting two presents in one!  You got the present and the bag!: -) Mom also said Granny Sue picked out the coolest fabrics to make the bags. 🙂

One year for Christmas, Granny Sue gave my mom a “pack” or backpack and filled it with P things: pencil, pen, paper, pretzels, pop… 🙂

Granny Sue made the best pumpkin bread and cheese crisps.

When my mom was little and Granny Sue and Ralph would come over to dinner, they would teach my mom and her family the most fun games, like “This is a klink” and “Bluff.”

Granny Sue was a kind and fun person and she will be GREATLY missed.


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One Response to Sad Day, Happy Memories

  1. TeacherMom says:

    My condolences to your family.
    It’s sad to lose someone you love, but how wonderful to have such vivid, fun memories of her. Sounds like she was a very special person!

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