Hi again!

Hi! I haven’t posted anything in a long time! well I have a new music vid. up and I posted a link in my sidebar. It’s really funny but a little iffy for the younger audiance… but it’s really funny!!! lol but seiroulsly its not the best for little eyes. 🙂


About theshort1

I'm a 13 year-old, vegetarian, peace-loving, baby cuddling, animal-loving, recycling fanatic, wannabe cupcake baker, random, Mexico loving, sport-playing, bubbly, Galeic-Garlic, privately-schooled, trumpet playing female.
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One Response to Hi again!

  1. TeacherMom says:

    Looks like your music videos page is the most active thing on your blog. Cool! (oops, that’s one of the overused words we are supposed to avoid, right?) Anyway, I enjoyed your page! 🙂

    For the sake of your subscribers, though, it would be nice to make a post of each video when you add it to the page. (Page updates don’t go in your blog feed, so people reading the subscription don’t see them.) That way, you have the videos page as a permanent collection, but your readers also get notified of each individual video when you add it.

    Does that make sense?

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