Well I have been educated a little more in the way of blogging and have been told that Pages are usualy static. so what I will do for the pages I have made, is when I post new words and quotes and I will also add them to the page so you can go back and look at them and if you are just finding ( and hopfully liking 🙂 ) my blog you can read all the ones I have come up with so far! 🙂


About theshort1

I'm a 13 year-old, vegetarian, peace-loving, baby cuddling, animal-loving, recycling fanatic, wannabe cupcake baker, random, Mexico loving, sport-playing, bubbly, Galeic-Garlic, privately-schooled, trumpet playing female.
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  1. TeacherMom says:

    That is what I do, too! On my math blog, I like to post quotations about math and about teaching. Whenever I post one (or whenever I have time to sit and do the copy-and-pasting), I also add it to my Quotations page — which has grown quite long by now. I like having the quotations easy to find, all in one place.

    Another reason to do it that way is that pages don’t show up in your RSS feed or email subscriptions. If someone liked your blog and subscribed to it, they will only see your new posts, not pages. So when you put a new quote or tongue twister in a post as well as on the page, then people who are following you won’t miss anything.

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